Liz & family cooking classTypes of Classes & Prices:

• Predesigned group classes – these are run on specific days with a predesigned menu of dishes that you will learn to prepare, with a maximum of 4-5 participants per class. These are 3 to 3.5 hour sessions. Priced at £85 per person per class. Please click on the link to view the classes for 2021

• Bespoke group classesApt for a group of friends or family, with a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 participants per class, these are designed with the participants, keeping in mind their current cooking skills and familiarity with the Indian cuisine and the types of dishes and techniques they would like to learn. These are three hour sessions.  Priced between £80-£110 per person per class based on the number of participants  (£80 for a group of 6 participants; £85 per person for a group of 4-5 participants; £95 per person for group of 3; £120 per person for group of 2)

• Private 1-2-1 classes – these are designed based on the individual’s current cooking skills, familiarity with the Indian cuisine and can be booked as a single session or as a course over multiple sessions where you can learn a variety of dishes from easy to complicated, using a number of different techniques such as cooking dum style (in steam), bhuna (involves sautéing), baking, tempering, marinating. You will also learn to prepare different types of Indian naan breads from scratch and a variety of Indian dips, flavoured yogurt accompaniments. Priced at £160 per class, discounted rates are available when booking multiple sessions together or signing up to a course.

• Indian cookery Courses: 2 types to choose from – 

a) The intermediate level course consists of two sessions. The 1st session is a group class (group classes run through out the year offering multiple dates to choose from). The 2nd one is a private 1:1 sessionwhere the participant masters technical dishes such as dum cooked biryanis, South Indian dosas, Xacuti based curries to name a few dishes with an introduction to a whole new world of niche Indian spices and techniques. The private class is designed with the individual in mind, based on their likes/ dislikes. The price of an intermediate course is £210

b) The advanced level course consists of 3 sessions. It offers 2 group classes that run on multiple dates throughout the year and 1 private 1:1 session. Each group class offers a different menu of dishes to learn. The private 1:1 session offers a set of complicated dishes and new techniques with an introduction to a variety of complex spices. The participants would learn to master complex dishes such as lamb dum biryanis, xacuti based curries, curries prepared with different techniques and unique ingredient combinations, South Indian lentil based dosas to name some.  The private sessions are very personalised to suit the participants in terms of their availability and their food likes and dislikes. Th menu is handpicked with them in mind. Price of an advanced course is £280


• Holiday Workshops and DofE courses designed with children and teens in mind are also available – Click here for Summer holiday workshop. For DofE courses please contact me 

• I also offer bespoke 3 day courses specialising in themes such as the preparation of gorgeous spice rubs on day 1, using your freshly prepared spice rubs in curry dishes on day 2 and preparing an assortment of starters and accompaniments to go with the curries on day 3 – if you are interested in finding out more, please do get in touch

• I offer personalised gift vouchers and spice kits containing a trio of my home made spice blends of garam masala, chickpea curry powder and curry powder to gift loved ones on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, father’s and mother’s day and christmas. The vouchers are valid for 18 months (xmas vouchers are valid for 18 months from Christmas day) and can be used against a group class or personal one on one session. They can be upgraded from a group class to a one on ones session at the time of booking the class as well. The spice blends are 30 gram bottles that come with cooking tips and a best before date of one year. You have the option of offering these alongside the gift voucher to enhance the gift experience.

• I am able to offer Indian cooking classes from the comfort of your home kitchen. Please contact me for further information

Format of my sessions

Outlined below is the step by step approach we will aim to adopt during the class.  This approach is designed to enable a thorough understanding of the spices we use on a daily basis and the dishes we cook. The sessions are informal and relaxed, running from the comfort of my home kitchen