During these unusual times I am also delivering online Indian cookery sessions! Gift vouchers are available  – these are valid until end of 2021. Add a spice kit containing a gift box of 3 special home made spice rubs (these come with 2 curry recipes!) and 10 pouches of spice powders and ingredients like dry fenugreek and hing, home roasted coriander and cumin powders to name some to the gift voucher and your curry lover is all sorted for the online class and beyond  – all they will need to source are the perishable ingredients like vegetables and meat. To find out about the spice kits please click here.

Participants, in small virtual groups, will learn to prepare healthy, simple yet delicious Indian dishes from the comfort of their homes – from scratch, in an interactive cook along, to enjoy later with their family. These dishes are special – chosen for their authenticity and simplicity, using easy to source ingredients.

With small group classes ( maximum of 6-8 participants per session), the aim is to recreate a personalised experience that they would get in my face to face sessions. By the end of a class, they will have an authentic home cooked and freshly prepared dish to enjoy with their loved ones which they will be able to recreate over and over!

Bespoke online sessions to celebrate special occasions for a group of friends, families across multiple households and locations, Children’s birthday workshops as well as Corporate workshops for innovative team building sessions and dos can be organised. Please contact me for more details.

My pilot online fish curry session held on 24 April 2020 was a huge success! Sharing this lovely review from one of my participants who joined the online session

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Duration of the session: A typical session will last 1.5 hour

Price: £25 per class (except for the 2 hour specials for £35 per class). A household can cook together without additional charges – as long as they are working as a team to prepare the food.

Days & Time: Thursday/ Friday evening from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm; the 2 hour sessions run from 5 pm to 7 pm

Bespoke private online sessions (apt for families/ friends/ corporates) can be arranged on all 7 days of the week and at a time convenient to you. The dish can be customised to suit your group

Maximum number of participants/households per session: 6


Chicken curry & Bread making – learn to prepare a delicious chicken curry using a few core spices, with/ without yogurt in an onion-tomato based gravy with fresh ginger and garlic or learn a Reshmi chicken tikka curry prepared in an onion and tomato gravy by marinating the chicken in an almond-cashew yogurt spiced marinade, baking them in the oven and then adding them to the gravy. Enjoy the curry with home made parathas, learning to prepare them from scratch!


Fish/ Prawn Curry & Jeera rice – fish fillets/ steaks cooked in a thick onion & tomato based gravy with a gorgeous medley of hand pounded spices specifically championing mustard seeds (for Bengali fish curry) or tamarind (for South Indian fish curry). Enjoy this with a fluffy jeera rice accompaniment prepared using a simple cooking technique – THURSDAY, 17 JUNE; THURSDAY, 12 AUGUST

Vegan Curry & bread making – choice of 1 curry (e.g. pepper in gram flour/ bhindi masala/ South Indian aubergine curry/ Saag aloo – spinach with potatoes). The session will include learning to prepare parathas – Indian flat bread  – THURSDAY, 22 JULY

Butter Chicken & Lachcha Parathas2 hour special class priced at £35 per household

Learn to prepare an authentic Delhi style butter chicken curry using a handful of spices in a tomato based glossy gravy, using a mix of cooking techniques from oven baking the tikkas to pureeing and spicing the sauce to perfection. Enjoy these with flaky lachcha parathas – a match made in heaven! THURSDAY, 29 July (5 pm to 7pm)

Lamb Curry plus side dish2 hour special class priced at £35 per household (to allow for slow cooking of lamb and learning a side dish) –  – a hearty lamb curry prepared with a yogurt marinade in an onion and tomato sauce, slow cooked with a gorgeous medley of spices and whole spices until tender and juicy. A side dish of saag aloo/ dal/ pepper in gram flour curry prepared to go with the main course  – THURSDAY, 05 August (5pm to 7pm)

Vegetarian Samosa & Chutney making   – learn to make and fry your own samosas from scratch (including making the filling and pastry). Prepare a delicious tamarind/ coriander chutney to go with it  – THURSDAY, 01 JULY

Indian Street Food  – Lamb mince Kathi rolls –  rustic lamb mince kebabs with fresh home made coriander chutney wrapped in a special egg based Indian bread known as Rumali roti –  THURSDAY, 26 AUGUST

Indian Street Food  – Chicken Tikka Kathi rolls –  melt in the mouth reshmi chicken tikkas with fresh home made coriander chutney wrapped in a special Indian egg bread known as Rumali roti  – THURSDAY, 02 SEPTEMBER

Open ended gift vouchers of my online cookery classes are available to treat loved ones during this period of social distancing  – available for single and multiple sessions


Please send me an email on jaya.malani@gmail.com to reserve your space. Payment can be made via online banking, details of which will be sent to you

How will the online class be held?

Via ZOOM – free and easy to download, this is an online conference calling programme which uses video and audio. Not only will I be able to see and hear each participant and vice versa, but they will be able to watch a close up of my dishes and cook along with me. All the participants will be able to ask questions, make comments during the cook along, talk to each other, show me how their dishes are coming along at various stages of the cook. However they will also have the option to mute their audio and hide their video should they prefer.

What will the participants need to take part?

The participants will need to source the ingredients, details of which (along with a choice of any substitutes) will be sent to them well in advance along with detailed joining instructions. I will also share the details of the equipment required (mostly a wok or pan for cooking curries, rolling pin if making an Indian bread)

Participants can also preorder my special spice kits that contain all the spices and dry ingredients they will need for the cooking lesson – all they will need to source are the perusable ingredients like the meat and vegetables. There will be enough spices to help them recreate the dish a few more times. Included will be my home made garam masala, home roasted and ground cumin and coriander powder – to help add a real depth of flavour to the dishes! Please view the spice kit section on the link for further information: Gift vouchers & Spice kits

What to expect: