Cooking class final

My participants can now enjoy the experience of creating some delicious authentic Indian food from my brand new home garden based cookery studio with an outdoor bbq and tandoor oven.

These are predesigned half day (3.5 hours) and full day (5 hours) classes that you can join on the dates specified below. I hold private bespoke classes on all other days (great as 1-2-1s or for a group of friends & family as well as corporate teams) so if you would like to customise your session or have a specific date in mind, please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements. 

Half Day & Full Day group classes:

What to expect:

  • All my classes are hands on – so you will do all the preparation and cooking
  • There will be a brief spice session (over a nice cup of my Indian masala chai) to help demystify the spices that you will use during the session along with the best ways to source the ingredients.
  • You will get e-recipe cards to help you recreate the dishes
  • I provide all the ingredients which are of high quality – the meat/ seafood is sourced from the local butcher/ fishmonger. We prepare fresh ginger and garlic paste, use freshly roasted and ground spices such as my home made garam masala powder, cumin and coriander powder. All the food is prepared in olive oil
  • All my classes are suitable for vegetarians/ vegans and non vegetarians – I offer a choice of vegetarian/ vegan curries in the same session where others may be preparing a non vegetarian curry
  • You have the choice of enjoying your food at my studio or packing it to take back home to share with your family. During a full day class, we will break for a quick lunch before continuing with the rest of the session

You can also treat your loved ones to my cookery sessions and courses, personalised gift vouchers and gift bags of home made spice blends and spice kits. The vouchers, gift bags and spice kits are available for special occasions (Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, wedding gift) and can also be posted to you. Click on the link for more details Gift vouchers, Gift bags & Spice Kits

Class 1  – My Family Secrets 

Price – Half day – £95 per person; Full day – £135 per person – maximum of participants per class


HALF DAY: Fridays from 4 pm to 7:30 pm

12 November (FULL),  03 December (FULL), 10 December (FULL), 7 January (FULL), 04 February (5 spaces), 04 March (FULL), 25 March (5 spaces) , 06 May (5 spaces), 20 May (5 spaces), 10 June (5 spaces)

HALF DAY: Saturdays from 10 am to 1:30 pm 

13 November (FULL), 20 November (FULL), 11 December (FULL), 18 December (FULL), 08 January (2 spaces), 29 January (3 spaces),  19 February (4 spaces), 26 February (4 spaces), 05 March (5 spaces), 26 March (5 spaces), 23 April (5 spaces), 7 May (5 spaces),  4 June (5 spaces), 18 June (5 spaces)

FULL DAY: Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm

5 February (5 spaces), 19 March (4 spaces), 30 April (5 spaces), 21 May (5 spaces), 11 June (5 spaces), 25 June (5 spaces)

Type of class:  You will learn to cook some of my unique and homely Indian dishes that you won’t easily find outside a traditional Indian home kitchen

  • Depending on the duration of your class (half day/ full day), you will learn to cook a choice of one or more starters/ side dishes and accompaniments. Examples of some dishes include paneer tikkas (Indian cooking cheese) marinated in a special spice blend served with my home made coriander chutney, marinated lamb mince kebabs prepared with fresh herbs, onions and potatoes, succulent reshmi chicken tikkas prepared in a special almond and cashew based spice blend, tadka dal prepared with a trio of lentils in an onion and tomato based gravy and tempered with whole spices, south Indian aubergine curry prepared with desiccated coconut,  bharva bhindi i.e. okra stuffed with a special Indian spice mix, masala picnic aloo (potatoes) , aloo gobi curry, savoury chaats, samosas or bhajjias to name some!  Some dips and chutneys such as fresh coriander & mint dip, a tamarind jaggery chutney or cumin infused raita with cucumber/ okra/ potatoes/ boondi go well with the above
  • One or more main course curries  e.g. my popular homemade chicken curry prepared in a yogurt based marinade,  delicious chickpea curry using soaked and pressure cooked fresh chickpeas that are cooked with a special homemade curry powder, chicken jalfrezi prepared with a medley of vegetables, lamb curry prepared with lentils, prawns prepared in an aubergine curry cooked in Indian spices, south Indian fish curry prepared in a special tamarind sauce, chicken curry prepared in a coconut based gravy
  • One or more main accompaniments e.g. wholemeal parathas prepared in olive oil, lachcha parathas or a rice dish such as cumin infused vegetable pulao

Class 2 – Indian Inspired Barbecue (use of traditional clay Tandoor oven and a coal bbq)

Price: Full day class for £135 per person – participants per class 

DATES: Saturdays: 10 am to 3 pm: 09 July 2022 (5 spaces), 17 September 2022 (5 spaces)

Type of class – this is designed for those of you who love hosting barbecues and would like to learn some unique Indian starter dishes that can be cooked on the barbecue and clay tandoor oven, served with accompaniments such as chutneys and yogurt dips. The session will help you gain a good understanding of different spice marinades and how to enjoy preparing smoky starters in a traditional Indian Tandoor oven

  • You will learn to prepare traditional vegetarian paneer tikkas (a great option for the vegetarians, these are made with Indian cottage cheese, marinated in special spice blend along with peppers and onions), spices cauliflower kebabs
  • Non vegetarian melt in the mouth tandoori chicken starters and rustic lamb mince kebabs marinated in a rich and delicious Indian blend of spices and cooked on skewers, delicious fish fillets prepared in traditional banana leaves and tandoor spiced prawns
  • Accompaniments such as home made fresh coriander chutney, tamarind jaggery chutney ands different yogurt flavoured dips
  • Breads: tandoori roti in a traditional Indian clay tandoor oven


Class 3 – Indian street food (Indian wraps/ tikkas)

Price: Full day class for £135 per person – participants per class 

DATES: Saturdays: 22 January 2022 , 28 May 2022

Type of class – this is great for those looking to learn some classical Indian street food dishes while having a fun, social experience. We will prepare a variety of dishes –

– a choice of tikkas/ kebabs such as Paneer (cooking cheese) tikkas/ tender pieces of chicken reshmi tikkas marinated in different spice blends/ lamb mince kebabs, all skewered and cooked in the oven;

savoury chaats such as the Dahi Papdi Chaat dish featuring crisp fried dough wafers with boiled potatoes, chickpeas, onions and tomatoes in a yogurt, tamarind and coriander sauce with some spices, fresh herbs and sev (small crunchy noodle like dressing). It is sweet, savoury and tangy with layers of flavours.

samosas from preparing your own pastry from

scratch to the samosa filling/ spinach bhajis learning the art of frying

– dips to accompany the above such as tamarind & jaggery chutney; fresh coriander dip

The session will help you understand the techniques of marinating, baking, frying and kneading dough; learning about a variety of Indian spices and spice combinations in a fun and collaborative environment!


Date: 14-15-16 FEBRUARY 2022

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